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Rethink Media



Lenai Johnson


Washington, D.C., Berkeley, CA


Rethink Media


ReThink Media is a non-profit organization focused on building the communications capacity across social movements. We work to minimize competition, maximize resources, and raise the voices of underrepresented spokespeople. 

We provide issue sectors with in-depth media, messaging, and opinion research; train advocates to level up their media skills; provide access to otherwise-unaffordable communications tools; drive collaboration and innovation through shared data and learning; and connect experts to the top reporters covering our issues.

Nuclear nonproliferation and justice for those harmed by U.S. nuclear weapons development, testing, and use are key components of ReThink’s Peace and Security portfolio.

We provide a variety of resources for our partners, including webinars, a daily news roundup, an editorial calendar, a blog with media tips, access to a journalist database, and polling data.


  • Supporting partner organizations working on arms control, nuclear non-proliferation, and the elimination of nuclear weapons through strategic communications.  

  • Platforming the voices of communities impacted by the creation, testing, and use of nuclear weapons including downwinders, Hibakusha, atomic veterans, Marshallese communities, uranium workers, and more. 

  • Preparing organizations in the nuclear and arms control community for crisis scenarios through rapid response communications planning.  

  • Identifying opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with other issue areas (climate, racial justice, health care, etc.).  

  • Planning for coalition mobilization around key dates, including the release of the Oppenheimer movie (summer 2023), the expiration of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) (July 2024), and the expiration of the New START treaty (February 2026).


  • Assisted with interview prep and op-ed writing for frontline communities who were flown into Washington, D.C. to meet with congressional offices about the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA), leading to an article on RECA expansion.  

  • Supported strategic communications planning around a nuclear famine study released in Nature Foods in 2022 (Twitter Space, Op-Eds, Pitching Experts to Media, Quotes in Articles, etc.)  

  • Coordinated with the broader nuclear community to respond to the Biden administration’s Nuclear Posture Review (Press briefing, op-eds, pitching experts to media, expert quotes in media, etc.)  

  • Worked with women, non-binary people, early-career individuals, and people of color in the nuclear space to identify opportunities for media engagement and increase the voiceshare of diverse communities around nuclear issues.


  • Assistance with pitching stories to local and national reporters. We’ll help put groups in touch with journalists to increase news coverage of their work, like this and this. 

  • Connecting reporters to sources. We often help journalists find the right source for a story. If you're interested in being a part of our experts’ database, please reach out.

  • Help with drafting and placing op-eds and/or letters to the editor. Here is an example of an op-ed we helped a frontline community member edit.

  • Identifying opportunities for advocates to write pieces for the media and assist them with editing and pitching. Recent media work includes coverage on Biden's Nuclear Posture Review, the Doomsday Clock, and the New START treaty.

  • Strategic communications planning, including developing communications plans by identifying key dates, preparing spokespeople, reaching out to journalists, and more.

  • Trainings on media skills and outreach. We periodically offer webinars on things like how to build relationships with reporters, writing and pitching an op-ed, messaging insights from polling data, and more. 

  • Highlighting media placements. Our daily news roundup is read by many members of the nuclear arms control community and open to all. We do our best to find all of the news articles related to nuclear weapons issues each day but welcome you to share coverage from news outlets that you’d like the rest of the community to see.

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