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Beyond Nuclear International



Linda Pentz Gunter




Beyond Nuclear International


Beyond Nuclear International (BNI) is a project of Beyond Nuclear, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We created Beyond Nuclear International in order to put the human face on our issue, and to tell the stories of the anti-nuclear struggle in a different way, with a focus on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Through this more creative, visual and personalized approach, BNI aims to engage new audiences who care about global warming, animals, our environment, peace and the future of our planet, and to bring the world’s anti-nuclear movements together. 

We believe it is essential to tell powerful and personal stories using strong imagery and compelling narratives. We aim to shine the spotlight on the many courageous and lesser-known heroes in our movement from across the world. Our content includes informative and lively features and thought-provoking essays; topical news stories; inspiring people profiles; and coverage of eye-catching cultural and political events. 

We encourage contributions to Beyond Nuclear International and, with these, we hope not only to inform and enlighten but also to provoke discussion. Consequently, all views expressed by contributing writers are deemed their own, and not necessarily a reflection of the positions and opinions held by Beyond Nuclear (although, as a general rule, they are very much in line with them. This is not a venue for pro-nuclear arguments.) 

BNI is not a technical or analytical site. If you are seeking more in-depth, detailed information and research, please see the Beyond Nuclear organizational website at

All donations made via this site support the work of the Beyond Nuclear organization as a whole, including Beyond Nuclear International. Donations by check should be made to Beyond Nuclear.


Beyond Nuclear is currently working to: 

  • block temporary "consolidated interim waste" storage sites in the U.S. for the country's irradiated civil reactor fuel targeted at largely Hispanic communities; 

  • block licenses for new U.S. civil reactors (with a particular focus on small modular and "advanced" reactors) as well as to stop license extensions for existing reactors; 

  • highlight the extreme dangers of nuclear power plants in a war zone but also at any time, through the lens of the extreme danger to Ukraine's reactors under the current Russian invasion; 

  • educate the public about the serious and disproportionate health impacts, especially on women and children of colour, from the nuclear sector; 

  • and to secure the worldwide abolition of nuclear weapons along with compensation, cleanup and adequate health care for the victims of the Atomic Age, including nuclear testing and industrial contamination.


  • The anti-nuclear power movement has been active in the US since the mid-1970s. While 1,000 reactors by the year 2000 was once promised by President Nixon, that target was never achieved and nuclear power remains in decline in the U.S. 

  • We successfully pushed back against the so-called nuclear renaissance, launched in 2007 with a promise of at least 30 new reactors. Only two remain under construction with all others canceled. 

  • A proposed high-level nuclear waste dump on the Skull Valley Goshute Indian reservation in Utah was, after a protracted fight, canceled. 

  • Most recently, we returned license extension applications for 11 reactors back to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission drawing board for inadequate environmental impact analysis. 

  • Delay is often a win for us, the result being that a new nuclear threat has not yet materialized.


Beyond Nuclear International is a project of our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Beyond Nuclear. Through Beyond Nuclear, we work in collaboration with anti-nuclear groups, Indigenous and frontline communities affected by existing or threatened nuclear power projects, and with legal and technical experts to confront and endeavor to defeat new nuclear proposals in the United States. 

Beyond Nuclear International collaborates globally and in multiple languages with both the worldwide anti-nuclear power and anti-nuclear weapons movements to seek peaceful and equitable solutions in these spheres. 

In thinking "beyond" nuclear, our organization also partners with those promoting cleaner, safer, more benign energy solutions including in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields.

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