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Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association Inc.




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Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association Inc.


When this Association was formed in 1985, the primary reason for membership appeared to be a response to the outbreak of Radiation caused damage to the health of individuals. At the time little was known of this matter, and in reality advances of Nuclear Fallout. Today there still remains some contentious issues, the treatment of which are yet to be satisfied to surviving veterans. 

It is the primary reason of this Association to maintain contact with the Government of Australia, maintain a presence with Parliament, to ensure these matters are continually brought to their attention. Associate membership of the Association is constituted primarily of Next of Kin of deceased veterans. 

Over the years, the physical damage brought by our servicemen, many of whom died without a shred of support from our Government, has been shared by their families. In truth, nothing has changed through the years, and even today, gaining recognition is not given adequate consideration for the denial of any recognition of any form. 

Over the past 34 years, this Association has existed entirely due to the volunteer members. In recent times, a modicum of assistance is provided by Government via the provision of printing for the newsletter, which is the only means of communication between members spread over this Country, as far apart as 3000 km. Any other costs are borne by members, dispensed by elected committee, and supervised by a dwindling leadership, despite the passages of time and the ravages of inherited radiation.






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